- the agency represents some of the most established playwrights
and scriptwriters in Sweden, as well as some international playwrights.

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Draken Agency has a wide net-work of international contacts and handles rights directly with international theatres and through under agencies. Among the agency’s Swedish playwrights who most recently have been played internationally are: Niklas Rådström, Kristian Hallberg, Maria Blom, and Thomas Tidholm.

The agency represents the staging rights for authors Sven Nordqvist and Jujja Wieslander, known for their stories about Pettson and Findus and Mamma Mu and Kråkan.

Are you planning your season or looking for new talents to write a script? Contact Draken Agency for support and suggestions on the latest work from our writers.

Reading and borrowing plays and scripts contact the agency for a catalogue or send an e-mail for your requests regarding particular texts.

Draken Agency was established in the 1980’s. It is owned by Charlott Neuhauser. She finished her PhD in theatre history in 2016 at Stockholm University and has been teaching playwriting at the Drama School at the University of Lund and at Biskops Arnö. She has over twenty years of practical experiences, working as a dramaturg in Swedish theatre institutions and for film.