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 En rackarns långhelg av Maria Blom



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Draken Agency

DRAKEN AGENCY represents some of the most established playwrights and scriptwriters in Sweden, aswell as some international playswrights.

The agency has a wide net-work of international contacts and handles rights both directly with international theatres and through underagencies. The Swedish playwrights and scriptwriters who most recently have been played internationally are: GUNILLA BOËTHIUS, MARIA BLOM, NIKLAS RÅDSTRÖM, RASMUS LINDBERG, SVEN NORDQVIST and THOMAS TIDHOLM.

PLANNING YOUR SEASON or LOOKING FOR NEW TALENTS TO WRITE A SCRIPT? Contact Draken Drama Agency for support and suggestions on the latest work from our writers.

READING AND BORROWING PLAYS AND SCRIPTS contact the agency for a catalogue or send an e-mail for your requsts regarding particular texts.

DRAKEN AGENCY was established over 20 years ago. It is owned by Charlott Neuhauser who holds an MFA in dramaturgy and theatre history from Yale Drama School. She is currently finishing her PhD in theatre history and has been teachin playwriting at the Drama School at the Univeristy of Lund and at Biskops Arnö. She has several years of practical experiences, working as a dramaturg at national theatre institutions and for film.

Playwrights and scriptwriters at Draken Agency

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Dramaturgy and script development


New plays

  1. Fyra röster

    Author: Mare Kandre 1 men, 3 women

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  2. Poeten och kritikern

    Author: Mare Kandre - men, 2 women

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  3. Hedvig & Max-Olov

    Author: Helena Hedlund 2 men, 2 women

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  4. Artikel 3

    Author: Helena Hedlund 1 men, 2 women

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